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The prayer factory

As our Lord Jesus instructed us, "men(and women) ought always to pray, and not faint" (or give up) on any worthwhile dream or aspiration they have in their lives.

The Prayer factory just like Adullam is a spiritual cave where David hid when Saul sought to kill him but therein, he discovered a fortress where everyone that was distressed or in any kind of trouble came and they were all turned into mighty men.

Global Wealth Project

The growing imbalance and widening wealth/income gap between individuals, families, communities and nations of the earth is a global existential problem.


The inability of governmental organs to take actions that actually remedy this abnormality caught our attention and we decided to do something about it. 


Global Wealth Project emerged out of our desire to inspire and support the community to be better, and a need for actions to speak louder than words.


Established in 2015, it is a functional expression of our ministry, driven by divine ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation in Christ.

Children Embracing in Circle
Women's Ministry

The unique role that women have always played in societies informed our decision to make a ministry dedicated to the wellbeing of the womenfolk a priority at this early stage of the planting of our church.

The goal is to empower them to continue to serve as the stabilizing figure in their home, the relationships and society as a whole.

Pastoral support

Our pastors are shepherds in the true sense of the word.

They believe that their role is to lead the flock to green pastures, guide them besides still waters and look out for those who stray with the view to bring them back home safely all the while, providing consistent individualized support to keep us living our best lives every day.

Do you need help?

Spirit Institute

We say it's the school for the soul, that makes you whole.


Master the spiritual side of your existence and reclaim the knowledge of how to live actively in the spirit realm as you do in the physical world.


Maximize your humanity and become all that you were created to and are capable of being.

Future Leaders Ministry

We believe there are ongoing culture wars and they are not necessarily between races, genders or even ideologies rather they're between good and evil.

The main battleground is the mind of impressionable young people, who are still open to anything that sounds good for the moment.

Our mission, therefore, is to contribute along with parents and committed educators in creating well rounded future leaders who love God and their neighbours while being responsible citizens.

Married & Singles Ministry

The family unit, built upon the foundation of strong marriages and pre-marital relationships is very important to us as we believe that society crumbles without healthy families.

This ministry is holistic and available to the entire community, even to those who are not members of our church.

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